Tool Box

We have a number of tools and resources to help you plan your business.

Business Planning Tools

BUSINESS PLAN : Writing a business plan is an essential step for starting a profitable company. Ignite Fredericton works with aspiring entrepreneurs to ensure their business plans are clear, concise, and comprehensive. Take a look at our sample business plan template to guide you through this process.

BIZPAL: Bizpal, through Service NB, will provide step-by-step guidance for determining required licenses and permits.

CANADA BUSINESS NETWORK: This is an excellent website with various business planning tools and resources.

THE LEAN LAUNCHPAD: A free online course offered to help you talk to customers, build a Business Model Canvas, prototype your product and pitch to coaches.

Sales & Marketing Tools

A marketing plan is an essential component of your business plan.  Our Business Development Specialists can help you with any part of your business planning. For sales and marketing specific resources, we recommend:

Check out this informative slide deck from Salesforce about how to set up your business' social profile.

Funding Tools

Check out our Funding & Tax Credit tool to find out what programs are available to help start or grow your business.

Export Tools

Check out Ignite Fredericton's Export Igniter to find out how your can ramp up your business export initiatives.