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May 23, 2018




As the community’s economic development organization, Ignite Fredericton is strategically focused on helping entrepreneurs START, GROW and LOCATE their businesses. We are also working to attract and retain talent, and strengthening the economic development ecosystem through collaboration and strategic initiatives. Ignite Fredericton operates as one organization with Planet Hatch offering startup services and Knowledge Park, Atlantic Canada’s largest research and technology park, offering facilities for knowledge-based companies.

Investment Attraction and Growth Specialist
The Investment Attraction and Growth Specialist will be accountable for the economic development and growth of the Fredericton Region through strategic initiatives and direct business development activities that result in new companies starting, expanding or locating to the region. Working in close partnership with all stakeholders and economic development organizations, the candidate will develop and implement a tactical business plan targeting opportunities within key sectors or growth potential markets. The primary objective will be to assist new or expanding companies to start, grow or locate their operations in the region and will be measured in the number of jobs that are created...Apply here

Local Immigration Partnership of Fredericton Coordinator
This position is responsible for assisting and supporting the coordination, development and implementation of the Local Immigration Partnership of Fredericton. The Local Immigration Partnership of Fredericton is a community-based partnership that involves a range of stakeholders in the planning and development of collaborative and innovative solutions to enhance newcomer settlement, increase integration and help with community priorities to make Fredericton a more welcoming community. LIPs seeks to engage various stakeholders including employers, agencies and community to act as an incubator for ideas, measure trends, identify needs and mobilize the appropriate community resources to meet those needs...Apply here