Grow - Talent, HR & Succession Planning

Employment Programs & HR Policies/Procedures - The Provincial Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training & Labour and Employment & Social Development Canada are the lead organizations with respect to employment programs, and HR policies and procedures - see contact information below.

Talent - If you are seeking talent, we highly encourage you to connect with our local educational institutions for direct access to the talent pipeline.  Many organizations have established direct relationships with our educators to transition young, skilled talent into their organizations.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways:

  • Partnership Model with institutions - some organizations have even offered employment guarantees to secure talent.
  • Establishing student jobs and internships, so students can acquire valuable experience during their education, and be work-force ready upon graduation. 
  • Communicating job opportunities to the students through job fairs, connecting with faculties, etc.

International Students - We also have hundreds of highly skilled international students attending university each year.  Our business community can play a major role in helping them establish careers, and be successful so they will want to remain in Fredericton - seeimmigration programs.

Skills Training & Professional Development - Please visit this section, if you are looking fortraining and professional development opportunities for you and your staff.

Succession Planning - Please visit this section if you are looking for tools and recommendations with respect to succession planning.