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Some questions to ask when creating your Marketing & Sales Plan: 

Who - Who is your target market? Write a description of your buyers by industry and by title.   What are their pain points, what goals and objectives do they need to solve?  You will require a thorough understanding of why your customers buy the products they do and why they make the buying decisions they do.

What  - What are the benefits to the client?  Your core marketing message is built around your client’s problems and your solution to those problems.  You must focus on the benefits the customer will receive as opposed to the features or services you can provide.  What ROI (Return on Investment) can the client expect?

Why – Why are you remarkable?  What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? Revealing proof through credibility indicators, testimonials and guarantees will be helpful.

Where – Where are your customers?   In order to be effective, your message has to reach your target market.  Where do your clients reside or gather? What do they read? What common interests do they have? Where do they go for advice?

When -  When are your clients buying?  You must plan your business development and marketing so you have consistent cash flow.  This can alleviate the feast or famine cycle.

How – How will you customize your marketing tactics and content strategy?  How will your plan be executed?   What tools, selling strategies and distribution channels are you going to use? Will you use a  Blog?  Twitter?  YouTube?  Email newsletters?  Google Ads? E-books? Webinars? Podcasts? Direct selling?  How do you deliver on all points?

A Marketing Plan is an essential component of your Business Plan.  If you require assistance with developing your Business Plan, come in and see one of our Business Development Specialists.

With technology constantly evolving, social media has become an integral component of the modern marketing plan. It's important to decide which platforms are right for you, your clients and your business needs. Salesforce also has a free e-book available for download. 

How to Set Up Your Small Business Social Profiles from Salesforce