Sawyer and Tye Hannay

Country Liberty

Take a moment to imagine the New Brunswick country lifestyle: fresh air, freedom, and a deep pride for your province. First cousins Sawyer and Tye Hannay have managed to take the strong values of country life and turn them into a successful apparel brand and business: Country Liberty.

The two cousins grew up together on family land in small town Rexton, New Brunswick. Sawyer Hannay was inspired to begin this project while he lived in Austria, where he found that he was proud to describe his hometown to people from a completely different culture. When Sawyer decided to finally pursue his apparel idea, he enlisted the help of Tye, and together they began the line of clothing as a project among friends. After finishing and selling their original run of twelve t-shirts, they realized that many people shared the same values as them; this shared country pride was the key to kick-starting their brand. Each cousin brings something unique to their business; Tye concentrates on the design work at Country Liberty, while Sawyer handles public relations and business operations.

Sawyer and Tye align their brand with their own values: freedom that life in the country provides. These values are part of the reason that they find Fredericton a great fit: it has a small-town feel, but Tye and Sawyer know that there is a healthy environment for business.

“There’s a lot of hungry, ambitious people in the city of Fredericton,” says Sawyer. “It’s a small-town feel, so it’s easy to connect with people, get in contact with people.”

From small beginnings to great success, Sawyer and Tye Hannay certainly encompass the Brunswick entrepreneurial spirit.

Currently, Country Liberty has New Brunswick locations in Fredericton, Rexton, and Mirimichi, as well as an online store.