Harold Kopp

Urban Machinery

Imagine a warehouse where machines of every shape, size, and function whir all day, hot metal is being poured into molds, paint is being sprayed onto lines of steel… and where employees smile while they work. That is the scene we found at URBAN Machinery, a Fredericton-based company that manufactures equipment for window production. This past November, we spoke with Harald Kopp, URBAN Machinery’s Production Manager.

In 1992, organizations such as the City of Fredericton and Ignite Fredericton (then Enterprise Fredericton) helped Germany-based company URBAN to build a new production facility in our city. Within six years, the Fredericton plant expanded to double its size. To date, URBAN Machinery has a strong presence in window machine manufacturing, and are a dominant player in the the North American market.

URBAN Machinery creates everything they need in-house, from designing and programming their products to creating and assembling the pieces into equipment. With great dedication to the local economy, URBAN Machinery gets their materials from local sources whenever possible. In that same vein of helping the local community, Kopp has always been able to find and retain local talent to fill their 47 positions.

“Fredericton is a perfect town,” said Kopp as he reflected on city’s community. “If you only have two employees, or you have 20 or 200 employees, you get the support.”

Their staff certainly reflects Kopp’s own opinion; of URBAN Machinery’s original six employees in 1992, four are still with the company, with the other two having retired. This speaks to the the loyalty found in New Brunswick’s labour force, as the province has the largest average job tenure in Canada at 9.4 years.

“It’s a beautiful area… you have everything here in New Brunswick and in Fredericton.”

Learn more about URBAN Machinery at their website.