Amanda Betts

eChart Healthcare

Amanda Betts, Founder and CEO

The decision to have your loved one moved into a long-term care facility is never an easy one to make; the fear of becoming disconnected and uninvolved is constantly looming, and not being aware of important information as it becomes available is quite often a concern. With eChart Healthcare, staying connected with your loved ones has never been easier. eChart Healthcare provides a connected care solution through a digital patient charting system that joins families and facilities together like never before. By simplifying the charting process and creating a tool that can manage facilities and staff remotely, long-term care providers are able to direct their attention where it’s needed most - their residents.

“Having all members of the care team working together in one system enhances communication, and makes the process of information exchange much more efficient,” says Amanda Betts, CEO of eChart Healthcare. For long-term care facilities, this means saving a significant amount of time normally spent on menial tasks and hours of paperwork, and redirecting it to provide enhanced, patient-centred care that results in peace of mind and a sense of involvement for families.

eChart Healthcare defines themselves as a co-located company with ties in both Moncton and Fredericton. With the technical development team established in Moncton, eChart Healthcare has found great value in the supportive ecosystem here in Fredericton, and continues to #ChooseFred as the heart of their business development. “The supportive ecosystem, access to talent, low operating costs, and strategic location were a huge selling point for us,” says Betts. “We had access to mentors, peers, and great organizations like Ignite Fredericton and ONB [Opportunities New Brunswick], helping us to scale to a point where growth and impact can be achieved locally and globally.” 

“Ignite Fredericton is a great starting point for startups, continually offering education and resources that give companies the knowledge to develop and expand their business,” says Betts. eChart Healthcare was part of the PropelICT Launch program, 1 of 8 programs offered out of Ignite’s startup acceleration centre, Planet Hatch. “Ignite Fredericton has created a  welcoming, central place for new entrepreneurs to come and get plugged in with their incubator space.” eChart Healthcare also participated in Export Igniter, a program offered by Ignite Fredericton in partnership with various key organizations to help growth-stage companies enter new markets by giving them the tools and resources needed to become export-ready. “Ignite Fredericton continues to build out relationships that bring resources and value to companies, and they provide funding like the Impact Loan that can be a great source for companies to get off the ground.”

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