Leticia de Gante

De Gante Authentic Mexican Jewellery

Leticia de Gante, Founder

Leticia de Gante immigrated to Canada in 2007 from Mexico, soon after her children came to New Brunswick as international students. Leticia’s business background in Mexico was ‘rooted’ in landscaping, and she used her expert knowledge to open Leticia de Gante Landscaping in Fredericton. In 2012, she started her jewelry business, De Gante Authentic Mexican Jewellery, featuring elegant, handcrafted silver jewelry from her home country.  Since that time, she has started a third enterprise as a co-owner of, G&P - Marble, Granite and Brick Trends Incorporated, now offering a beautiful array of countertops in materials such as granite, marble and more.

Ignite Fredericton worked closely with Leticia providing business guidance and support during her entrepreneurial journey. "Fredericton is so small, you can find opportunities any time, anywhere," said de Gante. "Working with Ignite Fredericton was very easy. It was friendly, fast - they were always with me, they support me from the beginning, they hear what it was my need, they help me to go through the process, and what is more important, they were always asking me how you doing - they keep caring about you. Without them [Ignite], maybe this will be not here." We're proud to share that Leiticia de Gante was also recognized as Fredericton’s 2014 Intercultural Business Person of the Year.

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