Lee Corey

Corey Nutrition

Lee Corey, President and Owner

When nourishing our bodies, we tend to look for top-of-the-line, high-quality food items that promise increased energy, improved immunity and overall good health. But, have you ever considered what we’re feeding our feline friends? What if we told you that there was science-based nutrition available for your pets, with safety protocols rigorous enough for human grade food? For pet parents worldwide, we introduce Corey Nutrition.

Corey Nutrition, the only pet food manufacturing company east of Montreal, loves pets just as much as the next person, and understands the importance of good nutrition and fresh-food packaging. At Corey Nutrition, they’ve applied the same nutritional benchmarks and innovation that built their leadership in manufacturing to more pet food brands. Through CoreyTecTM, Corey Nutrition is able to put the full power of science into every pet formula produced, guaranteeing a finer, fresher, nutritionally dense food for pets. All ingredients are sources as locally as possible, and their hands-on approach ensures that every bite is made with care.

Founded in 1982, owner and President Lee Corey established a head office, lab and warehouse facility in Fredericton, New Brunswick, mainly due to the city’s unique market access to over 100,000,000 consumers. “From Fredericton we can move product efficiently anywhere around the world, cheaply and easily,” says Lee Corey. Apart from our geographical location being ideal for export activity, the City of Fredericton has been extremely helpful over a number of years, with one instance standing out in particular. “When we first built this plant, one of the problems I had was water. I approached the city and the city water lines did not come to this area at that time, and they actually installed a water line for me to supply this plant.”

Ignite Fredericton has also played a key role in the continued success of Corey Nutrition, including helping in the hiring of top talent and connecting them with the appropriate business resources needed to succeed.

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