Kevin Kilbride



“When you’re outside, where does your heat come from?”

This is one of Kevin Kilbride’s favourite questions when he talks about ThermaRay’s products. As president of ThermaRay, he is in charge of an innovative and unique business located in Fredericton: electric radiant heating systems. He asks that question in order to contrast the misconception that “heat rises”, and explain that it is actually hot air that rises. His systems work on the concept that heat radiates outward, and that air-based heating systems are antiquated. That’s how ThermaRay has made a successful business out of top-down heating, both in the Canadian and United States market.

Kilbride explains that ThermaRay chose Fredericton for its location. They originally started test-marketing the product in Halifax, but wanted to be close to Quebec due to its large electrical market, and they wanted quick and easy access to the United States market; Fredericton was the perfect solution. As manufacturers, ThermaRay also has access to many excellent trucking lines and UPS’s largest brokerage house, allowing them to easily ship from coast to coast.

“There’s no disadvantage to being located in Fredericton at all,” says Kilbride.

With a long-term staff that is entirely local, ties to organizations such as the University of New Brunswick and various engineering firms, and an extremely business-savvy and friendly president, Fredericton is proud to be home to ThermaRay and its innovative technology.

“Why not just come and set up here in Fredericton?”

Learn more about ThermaRay at their website.