Tony Daye


Maybe you can relate to this. You’re sitting in your chair watching a whiteboard fill at an alarming rate. In a fury of note-taking, you get lost in your scribbles, panic and become oblivious to what your bosses, professors or colleagues are saying. But a startup in Fredericton alleviates this struggle by instantly digitizing these notes to review later—with a few bonuses.

“Loft1 software mobile app allows users to grab any marker and whiteboard anywhere in the world and within a second it will be on your smartphone, your tablet or your computer,” says Tony Daye, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Loft1 Inc. “The major benefit is being able to search documents after the fact, so whether it happens on a particular date that you may remember or not, we can finally search what we actually wrote on the whiteboards.”

Loft1 is another of many startups who consider Fredericton and New Brunswick home because if its business-friendly ecosystem and infrastructure.

Loft1 moved to Fredericton after consolidating their Toronto, Ontario and Silicon Valley, California offices. Daye, a graduate of electrical engineering from the University of New Brunswick, says he chose the city “in pair with the province” because of New Brunswick’s business support. He chose Fredericton specifically because of existing connections with local businesses, and he says Ignite Fredericton’s support was also a factor.

“Here at Ignite, individuals involved at Knowledge Park and Planet Hatch were very receptive to our technology and making relationships and connections for us as well,” he says.

Planet Hatch provide a space for Loft1 to work while their new office at Knowledge Park was being renovated.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is one of many who have noticed Loft1’s potential to revolutionize the classroom, workspace and office and through its Business Development Program is funding Loft1 with a conditionally repayable contribution of $487,532. Through its Industrial Research Assistance Program, which funds the growth of innovative companies, the National Research Council is giving them a non-repayable contribution of $294,894. This was announced at Planet Hatch on July. 11.

Out of many benefits of locating to Fredericton, Daye says the greatest is the time zone. Fredericton’s ideal location enables more opportunities in an average work day for Loft1 to communicate with both European and West Coast markets. The clustering environment for innovation is another benefit, he adds. What he refers to a “campus-style solution” creates closer relationships with other businesses.

“It’s nice to be able to share information on something as basic as general ledger or other best practices that are being utilized by the local companies and then also to be able to access the same set of support ecosystem that certainly the province and Fredericton itself has been able to provide,” he says.

Daye says New Brunswick has a major advantage with its IT infrastructure, and along with its other qualities such as low cost of living and short commutes, Fredericton is a city Loft1 hopes will attract its employees.

“From a growth perspective, Fredericton’s a major consideration for us and long term as well,” he says. “We’re looking at growing the company and keeping the company Fredericton. We’re able to leverage the province’s support, the municipality’s support, Ignite Fredericton as well as the regional Atlantic funds, not just funds but the actual intelligence that can be brought to our company.”

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