Tom Rivington

F6 Networks

With its Innovation District, Digital Product Development Living Lab, and leading-edge Cybersecurity initiatives, it is easy to see how Fredericton can be home to large-scale technology companies like F6 Networks. We spoke with co-founder, CEO, and Knowledge Park neighbour Tom Rivington about how they fit in the Fredericton community and its infrastructure.

“[Fredericton has] a very diverse culture for business and to live,” explains Rivington, speaking to the city’s innovative community. “You can pull on the expertise that resides at the University of New Brunswick, there’s a lot of successful IT companies… and you have Ignite Fredericton.”

Founded in 2009, F6 Networks now provides the largest open access dark fibre network in the Maritimes. Their fibre extends from the Northern New Brunswick/Quebec border through to the United States, as well as to Halifax, for a total of 1500km. Their values include open access, customization, and achieving the best results both locally and globally. In order to compete in a global market, F6 Networks understands that Atlantic Canada must have a world-class and cost-competitive ICT infrastructure.

“There’s a wealth of telecommunications infrastructure. Locating in Fredericton, and especially here in Knowledge Park,it affords a startup the opportunity to have direct access to a lot of different types of infrastructure, and people that can help them develop their company.”

“[Fredericton] has a very good balance of business life and rural life.”

Learn more about F6 Networks at their website.