Doug Jones


Managing sustainable resources is no easy feat, especially when you consider the environmental, ecological, and economical elements that tie into a land’s value. Remsoft tackles those difficulties head-on by developing digital solutions for land management and planning, right here in Fredericton. Over the past 15 years, Senior Vice President Doug Jones has overseen the strategic direction and corporate growth at Remsoft as it provides over 200 global clients with predictive technology that manages risks, costs, and decision complexities in order to prioritize for sustainable development.

Today, Fredericton has a thriving IT sector with lots of support and programming to help startups get the resources they need to succeed. 25 years ago, when co-founders Andrea and Ugo Feunekes first began Remsoft as an innovation and research initiative from the University of New Brunswick, the Fredericton IT community was not as strong. Through perseverance, leadership, strategy, and sticking to what they believed in, Remsoft has helped the IT sector become an important influence in New Brunswick’s economy.

“It was all by trial and error,” explained Jones. “But in today’s world, it’s absolutely phenomenal in terms of how everyone’s rallied. It’s nice to have an ecosystem of people that you can draw upon that will help you support that growth and make sure that you’re not making the same mistakes that they made.”

Since its founding, Remsoft has been able to grow continuously and position itself globally. With many opportunities for high growth on the horizon, there should be no surprise that they have received numerous awards and recognitions, such as the “Export Achievement Award” from the Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters of Canada. Their success in exporting is something that came from necessity and hard work.

Developing their business in a niche industry meant that Remsoft had to go global in order to continue growing their business. Jones explains that moving into areas like Europe and South America was not intimidating; it was necessary to diversify their presence in order to maintain balance and consistency. While Jones said that external resources are helpful to identify laws in other countries, the onus to identify, research, and enter global markets is on Remsoft and not external help. This means that Remsoft needs to be very forward in taking on new initiatives.

“It’s the nature of our business. We’re not a passive company; we’re very aggressive. It’s important to keep growing. It’s important to keep innovating.”

When discussing how other companies can move into new markets, Jones advised to “do your homework, be extremely thorough, research it and don’t stop researching and asking questions. Know what the risks are, document (them), and understand (them).”

While being positioned in New Brunswick may make transportation between cities more difficult for Remsoft, the location has helped them with their global diversification. They are able to work in the same day when serving European, Western, and North American clients. Additionally, Jones speaks to the quality of life while living in Fredericton.

“At the end of the day, even though we’re a software company, it is all about people, and we have a very highly talented group of people that are in our business, so it’s important that they’re happy.”

As a part of their culture, Remsoft gives back to the community through mentorship and charitable donations. The founders not only want to support the people around them, but also use it as a team-building exercise; the Remsoft team gets to explore their own projects, and choose what organization they want to help fund.

“Fredericton is a bit of a hub,” said Jones, reflecting on why Remsoft has stayed in Fredericton for so long. “Having access to everything around the IT world in the Fredericton space, to us, is invaluable.

“We live here, we work here, we want to be a part of (the community).”