Stephen Dixon

Grimross Brewing Co.

Stephen Dixon - Owner of Grimross Brewing Co.

Fredericton business is booming.  At least, that's the impression made by Stephen Dixon, owner and operator of Grimross Brewing Co. Beer seems to be in high demand, as Dixon says: “We have three [bars in Fredericton] selling it right now. The fourth one I'm delivering a keg to right after this.”

On top of that, Dixon just opened his own commercial space at 600 Bishop Drive - a large, industrial-feeling store with windows to the brewing equipment, as well as plans to add more to the space.

Dixon specializes in brewing Belgian-type beers, which are classified by the strains of yeast used during the brewing process. As he explains some of the back stories of Belgian beers, it's plain to see this man truly knows his stuff.

Dixon attributes his success to his product, “it's a high-quality product, it has more flavour, as well as more variety. That's first and foremost. It's a good product, it tastes good.”

Well, that, and the help of Ignite Fredericton.

“There was a couple things, they helped be a sounding board for our business plan. So going to them, and talking with them about our plans was really confirmation that we were on the right path. That made us feel really good. That was a confidence builder,” says Dixon. “And of course, the financial support really helped to get us over the edge, get us over the top. Ignite Fredericton came to us to provide some financial support that allowed us to buy more equipment as we built up our staff.”

When asked why he chose Fredericton, Dixon instantly replied that to him, Fredericton is simply home. He wanted to reflect that in every aspect of his business, from the fact that it started up among friends, with help from established local brewers, to the name itself.

“Grimross Island is an island on the Saint John River, close to Grand Lake in New Brunswick. Growing up, I spent quite a bit of time boating with my family on Grand Lake and the Saint John river. One of our favourite places to meet up with other boating friends and have a beer or two was Grimross Island. The name conjures up happy memories for me and I like the name.”

Fredericton is un-disputably a beautiful place, with a notably diverse population. Grimross makes its sales to all types, from students to government employees. With no group representing more than the other.

As Dixon tours the entire operation, it quickly becomes plain that brewing beer is not at all a simple process. The complex machinery and high standards are enough to make anyone more than a little overwhelmed, but Stephen is in it for the love of the work. And with all the support and sales, it's plain to see that Frederictonians love their beer.

“I like what this is,” Says Dixon at the end of the interview. “I like talking, brewing, and sharing beer.”

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