Mike Oliver

Leading Edge Geomatics

Have you ever wanted to view the world from a bird’s perspective? A Fredericton-based company is taking businesses to new heights by doing exactly that. With their advanced aerial survey and geomatic services, Leading Edge Geomatics (LEG) provides innovative mapping solutions to their clients across all of North America.

“LEG is an airborne mapping company that utilizes LiDAR and advanced airborne imagery to help clients in the forestry and utility sectors produce maps, collect data, and transform the data into information to help our customers better manage their assets,” says Mike Oliver, Vice President of Corporate Development at Leading Edge Geomatics. “LEG was founded by three partners who had recently retired from the Canadian Military at CFB Gagetown. The founders thought that there was a need in the region and had close proximity to the US market.”

The founders of Leading Edge Geomatics, all of whom have military training, are Bill Kidman, President; Will Lowry, Director of Operations; and Bruce Hogan, Vice President of Sales.

Since its establishment in 2008, Leading Edge Geomatics has been successful and profitable every year. They attribute their success to their clients, a list of over 200 companies from North America that represent many sectors, including forestry and energy.

“LEG has grown to over 45 people and we employ a variety of professional disciplines such as geomatics engineers, surveyors, GIS specialists, operators, pilots aviation mechanics, software developer and administrative staff,” Oliver says. “We try to employ local talent, produced from our educational institutions.”

Earlier this year, Leading Edge Geomatics received the 2016 New Brunswick Exporter Award for Emerging Exporter. The award recognizes a company that demonstrates all-around excellence in export, including increased export sales, market diversification, product developments, and innovation. The award is no surprise, especially for a business based in New Brunswick.

“The most valuable resource in Fredericton is the capable people” Oliver explains.

Learn more at legeo.ca.